Who is eligible to attend the Student Leadership Program?

High school students (9th-12th grade) who are enrolled in schools local to the Student Leadership Program (SLP) site locations are eligible to apply. Applicants must also submit documentation to verify their student status as part of their application. Students who graduated in 2021 are also eligible to apply.

What is the duration of the Student Leadership Program? 

Embolden's Student Leadership Programs in Business, National Security, and Entrepreneurship will each run for three days. Programs will start July 23 and end July 25. The Women in Leadership program runs for three days, from August 6 through August 8. 

When does the Student Leadership Program take place? 

Each year, the SLP will have a summer cohort and a winter cohort. The summer program will run between late-June to early August and the winter program will run between late-December to early January. The cohorts are designed to accommodate the local community’s main school break schedules. The summer and winter cohorts have different application cycles, so students interested in attending both the summer and the winter program must complete two applications. Please apply to join both the summer and winter programs!


What is the Student Leadership Program’s tuition? 

ZERO. Yes, zero dollars. Embolden prides itself on having a tuition-free SLP to remove any cost barriers to participation.


How does the selection process work?

Students interested in participating in the SLP must submit an online application to be considered. Applications will be read by multiple members from the Embolden team to ensure all applicants are considered holistically and reviewed thoroughly. We recommend that applicants focus on sharing their personal journeys and stories as part of the essay portion of their applications. 

Do I need to be available for the entire program?

Yes, all participants are expected to be available for the full duration of the program. Please contact us at info@emboldenme.org if you have specific questions or requests regarding scheduling.


Can I update my application after I submit it?

While students are encouraged to thoroughly review their applications prior to submission, they may submit a new and separate application so long as the second one is submitted before the deadline. Embolden’s team will only consider the most recent applications submitted by each applicant.

What happens if I am waitlisted? 

Waitlisted students will receive an update on their application status approximately two to three weeks after the initial decision. Students accepted from the waitlist will have one week to confirm their attendance to the program. Waitlisted students are encouraged to apply to the next cycle, if eligible.


Can I apply to attend the program again after completing the program? 

Students who have attended one of the programs are encouraged to apply to participate in another program. While students cannot re-enroll in the same program they already participated in, they are eligible to apply for another program. For example, if you participate in the Business program, you will not be able to re-enroll in the following Business program but will be welcome to apply to the others (National Security, Entrepreneurship, Women in Leadership).


Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact us at info@emboldenme.org with any questions regarding Embolden or its program offerings