Content Strategist

Jack loves bringing people together and creating a world where education equity is a top priority. He strongly believes in Embolden’s mission of empowering the next generation of leaders. As part of Embolden’s team, Jack has helped host Embolden’s inaugural webinar, written several blog posts, and worked to connect students with different types of opportunities. With his background in higher education and passion for helping students, Jack wants to help students at Embolden unlock their full potential, continue to expand their horizons, and redefine what is possible. 


Jack attended the College of William & Mary, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Marketing. After graduating, Jack became an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission at his alma mater, where he read applications, recruited students from high schools across the nation, and lead several marketing campaigns. As part of this role, Jack also managed the Admissions Blog (Admit It!) and heavily worked with the multicultural recruitment committee to expand access to higher education for more students. 


Currently Jack works as a Membership Development Associate with the Conference Board, a think thank that connects leaders and executives from different industries to solve real-world problems. In his free time, Jack enjoys storytelling, going on hikes in nature, and meeting new people. Jack is happy to chat with any new students interested in Embolden or the next steps after high school.