Educators + Schools

We want to empower our students to pursue their passions and academic interests without any barriers. Will you partner with us to embolden our students? 


As educators, you understand our students the best. You know what each student needs. You know their potential and believe in their futures. You are their greatest supporters! We want to work with you to provide students with the very best educational and professional resources possible.


If you want to nominate a student, please submit a nomination form* or email us at You may nominate as many students as you like.

*All nomination forms will be kept confidential.



We believe that current high school students are the future leaders of businesses and organizations in a variety of fields. What role do you want to have in raising the next generation of leaders?


Consider partnering with us by:

  • Hosting site visits to your office 

  • Organizing skills workshops to provide hands-on learning experiences

  • Invite junior and senior-level executives to train students on pursuing opportunities in your field and line of work

  • Sponsoring in-programs, meals, and/or activities 

  • Donating to Embolden 


Non-Profit Organizations

We share a common mission to empower students in discovering their passions and realizing their potential. We want to work with your organization to provide comprehensive resources that enable them to pursue their professional paths throughout the calendar year.


Together we could: 

  • Develop a year-round mentorship program 

  • Organize and promote community service activities

  • Prepare students for post-secondary school opportunities, including but not limited to college applications, career fairs, and entry-level jobs

  • Direct students to other leadership training programs 


Let's Connect!

If Embolden currently does not offer a program near your school, county, or in a field relevant to your company’s industry, please let us know! We are always working to build new programs to immerse our students in as many career opportunities as possible.


Email us at with any questions or to discuss opportunities for partnerships and collaboration!