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Program Overview

Embolden's Rising Leaders Fellowship is a virtual cohort-based learning program designed to equip high school and early college students with the skills, tools, and networks to pursue their ambitions. Rising Leaders Fellows will meet and work with dedicated mentors and peers who will become long-term advocates for their cohort's collective success!


Our six-month program is made up of multiple monthly components. Participants will engage in the following:

  • Seminar: A one-hour virtual interactive lesson on the topic for the month run by Embolden Board members. Embolden will hold each seminar twice a month so that Fellows have options from which to select for their schedules.

  • Cohort Meeting: A one-hour virtual monthly gathering for each cohort of Fellows to meet with their mentors. Each cohort will coordinate its own meeting times.

  • Projects: A short monthly assignment to apply the skills-in-development, from creating personal LinkedIn profiles to writing a new draft of a resume.

2022 Program
Schedule & Topics

Embolden Fellows are required to attend a seminar, participate in a cohort meeting, and complete the project for July and August. Fellows will be permitted to excuse themselves for at most two (2) seminars between September and December so that they can prioritize and focus on their academic studies and activities.


Seminars will take place the first Thursday of the month at 8pm ET. Catch-up seminars will be offered on the following Monday at 8pm ET for Fellows who cannot attend the main seminars due to a schedule conflict.   


Full participation throughout the entire program is highly encouraged to earn the most value from the Fellowship. 

Kickoff + LinkedIn

Coffee Chats

Elevator Pitch



Career Immersion Week

July (Required)

August (Required)





July 7 @ 8pm ET

August 4 @ 8pm ET

September 1 @ 8pm ET

October 6 @ 8pm ET 

November 3 @ 8pm ET 

TBD (Week of December 19)

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