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What is Embolden?

Founded in 2019, Embolden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides career readiness and mentorship programs for high school and first-year college students. Our mission is to empower motivated students with the lifelong skills needed to build a strong professional network, pursue their career goals, and become a leader in their chosen fields.

Rising Leaders Fellowship Program

Through our virtual flagship Rising Leaders Fellowship (RLF) program, we equip students with the essential skills for networking and applying for jobs, whether it's with LinkedIn and resumes or personal storytelling, and more. 

Over the course of half a year, selected applicants will be assigned to a cohort of 3-5 other students. They'll be paired with two dedicated mentors who have industry experience in their areas of professional interest. Through monthly virtual group working sessions, students will collaborate with their mentors and fellow students to practice their skills development, explore their interests, and get a head start on their professional growth. It's our hope that each student will walk away emboldened with the confidence, skills, and network to embark on their own careers.

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