What is Embolden?

Embolden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides tuition-free career awareness and leadership development programs for high school students from underresourced backgrounds. Our mission is to empower motivated high school students with the skills necessary to become the next generation of leaders by connecting them with valuable exposure to career sectors and professional networks. 


What We Do

Through our flagship Student Leadership Programs, we aim to inspire students to discover and pursue their professional goals, whether it leads them into business and entrepreneurship or journalism, government, and beyond!


Taking place during school breaks, our programs offer students a glimpse into a variety of career paths and equip them with the tools to chart their unique pathways. Whether it’s through intensive skills-building workshops led by seasoned industry experts or site visits to some of the most successful companies and agencies, our programs provide a unique space for participants to expand their horizons, explore newfound interests, and get a head start on their professional growth. It’s our hope that each student will walk away emboldened with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to embark on their own careers.

Community-Driven Impact

It’s our firm belief that the full web of resources necessary to support student leaders is already present in their local communities! We’re thrilled to convene businesses, schools, seasoned experts, young professionals, and college students to fulfill our mission. By working together to invest in the promise of high school youth—no matter their background—we can remove the financial barriers often present in high school enrichment programs, and ultimately foster a more equitable vision of career opportunity, leadership, and impact across fields. If you’re interested in getting involved with Embolden, learn how you can volunteer or partner with us!